The Soul, the influences, the roots. We are part of a universe that surrounds us, shapes our being and our Soul. The spiral becomes an orbit around us. Materials represented by a hierarchy of shapes and colors become stars, planets and moons inserted in a cosmic thread, elevating the jewels to devices for the Soul.

Chi è Spirale Dorata

Antonella e Angela

SPIRALE DORATA is the story of a great friendship between Antonella and Angela who in 2017 had the idea of ​​creating this company that still boasts thirty years of experience in the goldsmith sector.

Antonella and Angela work using stones, crystals and top quality materials, creating jewels with an unmistakable design, respectful of tradition but sensitive to market trends and projecting their gaze to the future.

Theirs is a Made in Italy company that produces rigorously hand-crafted jewelry to create unique and inimitable collections and wants to be a dynamic Italian entrepreneurial reality that with love, passion and foresight creates original masterpieces that are different from the classic canons. In fact, each jewel is a unique piece, made with skill, patience and dedication.

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